Decca Aitkenhead – All At Sea

Decca Aitkenhead is a very brave woman. All At Sea is her memoir revolving around the event of her partner’s death. Her partner, and father of her two children, died during a family holiday in Jamaica. He died saving one of his son’s from drowning in the sea and he, instead, unfortunately drowned.

I think what is so shocking about this story is that, through Aitkenhead’s vivid descriptions, you can picture it perfectly. The sea appeared smooth and gentle, however it had a sinister current that pulled out to sea. Aitkenhead’s descriptions of scenery aren’t the only vivid descriptions within the novel – her feelings and emotions throughout her story are striking. I didn’t feel like I was reading this book, I felt like I was listening to a podcast or something – her tone throughout the novel was incredibly honest and I didn’t feel like she was trying to ‘do’ anything by writing this story other than get it down onto paper.

It was an incredibly refreshing and unique story. It’s also terrifying and heartbreaking. I’m really unsure as to what else I could say about this other than to recommend it enthusiastically to everybody.

‘The overwhelming sensation of being home is one of homelessness.’

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